It’s amazing what having a newborn does to your life. More than likely, your life was moving a thousand miles an hour leading up to having a baby – between closing things down at work, baby showers, OB appointments, getting things ready for baby – and then suddenly, baby arrives and life begins to move at the pace of a snail. Or rather, of your baby. Suddenly, your daily ‘routine’ is gone and your day consists of waking up late (or rather getting out of bed late – you probably weren’t sleeping much), nursing, eating something resembling breakfast though it’s likely closer to lunch time, nursing, change a few diapers and maybe change your own clothes, think about the emails you’d like to send today, nurse again, answer a text or two and think about those emails again….and then it’s dinner time and time to start the very long routine of getting your newborn to bed for the ‘night’. But this pace is necessary and oh so lovely, because life is different now. Life is so much less about you and your spouse, and so much more about this new life you created together.

Gone are the days (at least temporarily) when you looked forward to catching up on your shows, or cooking a delicious dinner, or meeting your girlfriends for a drink after work, and welcome to the days when you spend hours just looking at your baby and wondering where she came from and how did you get so lucky? These early days are long, hard, and so precious – try your hardest to mark them in your memory because even though they seem never ending right now, they aren’t and soon life will speed up again and your baby won’t slow down long enough for you to get those long stares at her. Enjoy these moments!


Lauren is a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner licensed in Washington DC and Maryland. She has been practicing in the DC area for 6 years and loves her profession. Previously, she taught childbirth education classes in a hospital setting, which helped spur her on to form Stork Childbirth Education with her beloved partner, Flynn, in order to give expectant parents the best up-to-date and evidence-based education available. Lauren is mom to 3 small children, Jackson, Lilah, and Cara, each of whose births hold a special place in her heart as she teaches other soon-to-be mamas. Lauren lives in Washington DC with her kiddos and her husband, Tyler.